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★ Me Just Me

Tan Yee Ling

Orange ♥

★ About Me

1985 Aquaris Lady

I try to appreciate all the simple little things in life haa :D

I prefer night to day, I really luv peace. I'm a crazy gal.

I cry when I'm veri sad but next minutes, I'll be fine.

Happy go lucky gal and is so in love with coffee.

★ Chitty-Chat

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free lo..
Sunday, February 12, 2012 @ 8:03:00 PM
made in India..

drawn by lovely jac...=)
 Finally having the time to really sit down and blog.. hahaha..been busy running small business with my sis for just 2 days... tired but super FUN....

Spreading the love to all the lovely couple... i Like!

now... laying on bed.. listening to lovely song... gosh is enjoying myself to the maximum....
Recently some unhappiness arise... well.. guess it will be over soon.. ^_^ 
be Positive always...

Happy valentine's day 2012
@ 7:55:00 PM
Happy Valentine's... 2012

Business 2012 is doing well .. ^_^

is his big day..
Sunday, May 15, 2011 @ 12:44:00 PM

is yong big day..

@ 12:37:00 PM
Thanks RP Miss Mandy for her recommendation..
I hope people who really think life is over..
please believe in yourself..
nothing is impossible ..
is the matter of heart..
and determination..

I graduated! Like finally
@ 12:27:00 PM
My family is always there for me..

My Friends are there to SHOWER me with laughter... at all times

My Dearie is always there to motivate me..

and a crazy group of Fun Monkeys.!
i <3
I am really happy that i finally reach my destination..
I mean ya is not the end yet but I feel great...
When i was sitting down and wait for my turn to be called on stage, is just so fufilling..

WHEN rceiving my certificate, as i walk to my director, i thought of how tough my past..
Unhappy moment kept visiting us but because of the strong family bond, the caring facilitator RP, lecturer from ITE and with a group of friends who are always there to share my joy,tear and sadness moment.

Was invited by my director to meet the VIP and before i walk into the room, i saw Ms JOSEPHINE.
She congratulate me and gave me a hug that i finally tears.......
i tears for happiness
i tears for the past is over
i tears for the future is here
i tears i finally did it
i tears i am soon going to leave the school and see the world
i tears ...

I enjoy every bit of my life because it makes me grow even stronger...


Full Time life.... bye to school...=)
Thursday, April 14, 2011 @ 9:50:00 PM
Hi all..
I finally gona graduate from Poly soon...
Ceremony fix on 12th May 2011...  Excited...

Alright, I am pretty happy with my life now..
Got myself an office job in HP as Customer Relation Manager ...
A lot to learn.. yet i am looking forward to it...
Happy and excited! 

;p  Love

Mandy Say YES on 1st March 2011
Friday, March 4, 2011 @ 2:27:00 AM
I need to say a happy Belated Birthday to..
CHEE LIANG ( My Cousin) and... SHE MIN ( long long thumb friend)
my Apologies... was really busying with the planing and set up..
for this big BIGGER bIGESST eVENT..

Eugene... was really nervous.. hahaha
Diamond look Good.. hm... look at him hahahaha
he is like.. thinking how nice would it be if...
Mandy WEARING it now.. ..oooorhhh..
so Sweet...


We made him post it.. hahaha
But i seriously nv ask him to put his tongue out

The banner hanging was so dam funni.. hahahah
Secret ya.. haha actually the top on the left never really tie.. hahah
Just throw and Hook..
Cant imagine it fall during the whole process hahaha
Thank God...

the wording is really effort.. or rather all the words is effort...

The 3 gals.. is like..
snap SNAP snaps.. haha
congrate Xueer wor! attached!

I like the "M"...
Will you Marry me..
when the lady says YES..
immediately.. M appear for the rest of her life..

AFTER all the hard work...
After all the tireness...
After all the worries...
After all the nervouness..
After all the sleepless night
and simple Yes I do...
is just so enough for him...

The Blink Blink is so Blink Blink..
I guest not only to me..
it appply to all women..
it really doesnt matter how blink the blink blink gona be like..
what really matter most..
is the effort
the love
the care
the concern
the understanding
the trust
and little things that the guy can give to their gal...

I am truly happy for Eugene and Mandy...
Guess what..   I really enjoy helping out in such event...
because i just love and like to see how 幸福 the couple is..

I notices mandy tears.... is the happiness that made her tears..
Love ...

pinch of everything
Tuesday, February 22, 2011 @ 4:32:00 PM
Sometime is nice to know ...
however the pinch of pain + a little sour is available..

but.. life still goes on..
this is the fact of life...

Consider myself lucky...
I got a Job before i Graduate...
Thanks Li Wei....

I do believe he isnt that bad la..
Praying hard he is not a big Monster... hehehe

All I want now is to work towards my goal..
Achieve it... grab it and got it... 

Congrate to you ..."Yong"
May your marriage a wonderful and filled with love...

@ 4:11:00 PM

My only wish is everything stays the same!

Good Morning World.. though is 11.23am hehe
Thursday, January 20, 2011 @ 12:11:00 PM
I am so happy ..

Firstly, my student has great improvement..
From a little boy who doesnt listen, doesnt wana learn till he can spell and write all the words
He even offer me drink Yesterday..
Feel like a mum who see the child grow..
This is the kind of satisfaction I like for my job.. my effort pay..

Took a bus to visit Mr ling, he look much much better wif his 台词:  Hai Yoooo hehehe
and he manage to read 1 to 10.. I strongly believe soon he is going to read A to Z ... waiting and stay tune.

Head home to celebrate Yeeshih birthday.. brought 2 whole cake and 3 mini one.. that represent 23rd years old hehehe
dam.. that's too fast la.. still remember the both of us playing around like mad when we were young at ah ma house.. and she is the most timid one.. whenever there is malay wedding, i will be the first one chong to the place and she will be the one that hide behind grandma and cry hahaha so funi la!!  Now change okie. she is no longer that timid.. hahahah

Happy Birthday YeeShih.. Get Good GRADE and good health...

LIke i mention... the most heart warming moment is to had dinner with my whole family and this year, grandma is here...
I wish my birthday she is still in singapore and celebrate with me...   thats the best gift ....

in a bout 9 more days. i am turning SHIT... 20++++++  o my god..  why am i still feel like i am still young hehehe...
AND I know MR Terence is comfirm gona make a bigggggggg huha... he is going to annouce to everyone my age at work place.. ooooooooooooooooooo save me...Y_Y

Talking bout birthday.. Ivan share the same birthday date with me.. so heng rite.. hahahah
Is really nice to chat with him when we stay in Marina Bay Sand.. haha really.. nv judge a person by his.her. look..
Jia you Ivan, I know ur wish for this birthday is to get a ___________ from her right hahaha..
Ops! hahahahahaha

See ya!

I will Pray For you always
Tuesday, January 18, 2011 @ 5:38:00 PM
Just when i thought thing is going to slow down...
A call make me cry... Yep I did..
Dun wish to mention who but when I visited him in hospital,
many times, I am holding back my tears..
When he was singing to us ...  all i wish it was just a dream ...
and i want to wake up from this dream..

Months ago, after the high tea, both of us was happily walking to wheelock place..
A very nice man just like my father, teach me and advise me always...

The last time We had a good chat was when Edura about to leave singapore..
we both really chat aaa..Lot because both of us Are the same kind.. Talkertive?!

Now.. what I can do for him is only praying for everything will be ok soon..
of course to visit him whenever i am free...

The saddest moment was my sister and i neda leave because grandma was waiting for us to go for dinner.
The sadness from his face, i feel pain....

Jia You...
Everything is gona be ok..

The Zee Award
@ 5:14:00 PM

Finally, if not I am on MC due to my neck, may not be sitting down here and start blogging..
In this few weeks, many things happen and yep that is expected in life isnt it?

There are happy moment yet came along with saddness.  I just wish and hope Mr Wong - Butler department manager will be back to our team soon..

In Marina Bay Sand Butler department, I learn and gain more than what I expected.
Once in a life time experience is just simply so true.

Really Thank to my supervisors to give us this chance to serve the ZEE AwARDS Group from Bollywood.
Mr Sinha and his family is one of them that i will nv forget.  For the first time, when sending the guest off to airport, I feel happy yet upset that everything has come to an end.

What surprise me most was Mr Sinha really called me when he was at airport waiting for his flight to fly back to his country..
Happy + Happy + 100% Happy!

May god Bless the whole family too.!

Siew ling Big Big day
@ 4:58:00 PM
My Dearest Siew Ling wedding..

We made her the Lovely Swans..
May their love Grow stronger each day...

The Best Shoot among all..
Uncle and Aunty is always so Lovely
Yep I like hehehe

I like this pic.. so cuTe.. yep Yep so envy lo hehe

The sisters met up on 25th Dec and we spent the whole day doing up the things..
chit chating was really really fun hehehehe.
I like the whole process and really really happy for my close friend...
I am sure she will be happy and i am looking forward to be GODMUM hahaha

郭靜_我不想忘記你 官方完整版MV
Sunday, December 5, 2010 @ 4:10:00 PM
nice song..
I like it...

Love U
Saturday, December 4, 2010 @ 10:20:00 PM
To love someone is nothing..
To be loved by someone is something..
To love someone who loves you is everything

The Meet-up Session..
@ 2:48:00 PM

I am Happy we meet up..
.(Although i am not feeling well.)
I am Happy  you share with me
I am Happy you still as strong
I am Happy you arent weak

Let the past be past..
Let's shape a beautifu Future ..
You always have me around with you
scold u but love you ALL THE WAY...

I really love this picture..
It has been long since we last took picture together..
Chinese New Year please remember me
cause i will surely be ALONE in singapore..
Ask ur mummy cook my share ok..

I am pretty simple with food..
like sharkfin soup will be good
like.. abolone with some scallop will be tasty..
or birdnest dessert sound awesomeness.. hehehehe

I do hope I can attend shirely wedding on 19 Dec 2010 .
Still waiting for the green light from my supervisor..
Lets pray ya..

 To b honest... my gosh.. time really flies..
soon I will be up-grade to Grandma HAHAHA
Yep Only my 4 maids will know what I means.. hehehe

Really hope shirely will leads a happy life..
I truly truly wish Spider-man takes good care of her and baby..

Hows My work?

Well, last wednesday was really a big shock ...
I was posted to be a Tower 2 In-charge..
This is really a great challenge because i am so so new...
 I am lucky to always have the support from my colleagues..
Things run well... and i am happy ^_^
how should i put it?
new management, new way of working style..
I cant really say much here but ...
from my point of view..
All i know is my department manpwer is an issues..
with this ADDITIONAL job scope GIVEN..
IT is drawing people away but not NEARER..

People are all afraid of changes and this change has create a great impact
 not only the work load but also the image and hygiene ..

Not gona share more thoughts here..
But will be typing it out more into my own report as suggestions and recommendation..
Pretty sure my colleagues will agreed on my points.. ^_^

To the Butler Department..
You guys are great and awesome..
lets support Mr Wong and belief him that he is trying to work things out...
Jia you and with love...^_^

Orange G

busy.. yet happy shalala
Tuesday, October 26, 2010 @ 2:06:00 AM

Oh.. been long nv update.. hehe sorry..
and.. Huifen is one of them been barking at me for not updating my blog..
Thus she has no NEWS about me.. hehehe..sori..  U can always call me..

Firstly.. was really busy with work and lazy to blog ma..
Hows Work?
Well.. pretty awesomeNess...

I got my own guests and for the first guest that i had..
They were solenmization in the suite.. How nice...
I was present in the suite and ...
Wish.. Mr and Mrs Wong .. Thieir Love grows stronger each day...^_^

and.. my very first guest.. surprise me with the complimentary letter...
I really appreciate it as it serve as a form of motivation for myself..

Honestly.. team work play apart..
without the help from the team..Nothing can be done as well..
Thanks to all the MBS Butlers too..^_^

Nokia (My Mentor..)
Learning from her is easy because she is pretty nice to me..
Not much stress given from her because she act  like my big sister..
we share Lamest Jokes..
But when it comes to handling with guests..
Her serious Mode turn on..
thats how i learn..
so.. i am lucky! ^_^

More to learn
More to do
More for me to check it out..
Looking  forward to serve the rest of the guests..
with All my heart..

Butler...Is not a JOB.. is my passion to service the guests. ^_^

and dearest...
FRIENDS.. I will find my time to meet up with you all soon ya..
Miss ya!^_^

Sunday, October 10, 2010 @ 3:02:00 PM
Is Sunday and is not the normal Sunday ....
10.10.10.. A very unique day.. which I am actually waiting for this day to come by long ago...
yes.. is such a unique date and it represent my name.. 1.0 ( For those who know my chinese name ya..)
please dun laugh at my little thought ya...
years ago.. i wish.. 10.10.10 wil be my wedding day...
cause is such a easy date to remember.. and  it will simply follow me for the rest of my life...^_^
Yeah.. pretty silly wish.. ^_^
anyway.. gona go out soon..
Coming back soon...

3 weeks...
Tuesday, October 5, 2010 @ 1:53:00 AM
Moving on to the 3rd week of my internship...^_^
is really really fast.. everydae seem to be passing by super fast.. hahaha
before i knew it.. is time to work..
before i take a rest.. time to knock off..
before i take a sip of coffee.. time to sleep.. hahaha
yep yep..

To be honest..
Is really tough job but somehow.. I love it to certain extend...
You dun really do thing just like that.. you do more than THAT...
you think more than what other people thinking..
If a guest gona ask me.. how long is the journey from here (MBS) to Airport..
Think about it.. how would u answer such question if you were to get this question...
Think about it.. and be back to answer that ...
Huifen.. i know you gona.. like .. wat the hell hahahahahahah
Anyway..thanks for that little surprise you had given me tat day at vivo...
Super cute of u la..
^__________^  although ur birthday spent with ur bf was dam lame.. haha rain!!!! hahaha but then chinese believe .. water is money.. so is good la.. ur money money more more..

HOPE to see u real soon ok and you are always miss by me!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 @ 2:44:00 PM

Yes.. I do believe i have 隱形的翅膀 too.. and it makes me stronger each time...

name tag is OrangE
@ 2:41:00 PM
Yes.. thats me.. well this is not my Blazar Actually..
The uniform department in charge told me..
They neda order cause out of stock.. eeee...
I am still waiting..

So.. I below is my name tag..
For the first time..
I had my nametag printed

Of course I am excited..
and Everyday was so busy..
and yep..
I am going to do the rest of the shift myself
Without IVAN!!..
Hope is gona be easy ! hhehehe
How can Butler Job be easy neh!?

But So far..
I learn a lot.. and i guess same goes to Ivan..
Both of us was like..
so familiar with the level liao..
Of course we know..
We run here and we run there.. hahahahaha

So Far so Good.. but i haven do my log bog..

and.. i just realise..
this coming thursday is Huifen and cheyrl birthday..
O my Gosh...
I totally lost contact with the world..

Dont think i can celebrate with them..=(
sorry gals...

Happy hulala
Thursday, September 23, 2010 @ 7:33:00 PM
Hohoho.. Off day pass by slowly and silently..
is like.. 7pm now.. o my gosh.. tomolo gona work work work work liao lo..
Friday, Saturday and Sunday shift will be 1pm - 11pm.. haha
Pretty sure home about 2 plus cause no bus.. as Road block ... F1...... nor..

Hows my work?
Pretty ok... I guess this job allows me to learn to be more 贴心
Tuesday was doing Mid shift and is like known as Runner..
I neda deliver all the amendities to the room..
Is like fun for me..
As in I love doing all this.. hhahaha
yeah.. like selling : Dian Sum hahaha

My senior Zenden is cool neh..
However, he wont be the one i will be following..
and i heard the one i am following name herself as " Nokia"
Thats like so cool..

What will happen when Nokia Meets Orange?
Or should i change my name to Samsung?

Promise Zenden that I wont give up easily..^_^
jia you Orange

LASTLY jia you to all my dearest friends who are currently
on attachement.. ^_^

Orange Love.!

First day of Internship Program
Tuesday, September 21, 2010 @ 1:43:00 AM
First day of Attachment at Marina Bay Sand as VIP Services..
Attachment will be 6 months..
3 months  - Butler
3 months - VIP Serices

Reporting to MBS at 830am and we went through the same thing for 3rd time..
Reason being we came for the pre and Grand opening..
So is like going through.. The vision mission and etc..^_^

Finally at about 5.45pm..
Got to meet up with our own in charge..
I will be under Saral Kumar..

BEST.. 4 interns work in Butler...
3 off.. and I am the only one to work tomolo..
so Cute.. hehehe..
10am -  8pm..

Gona Sleep now..
and wishing all my dearest friends..
Enjoy your Internship ya..


Dreaming of you-Selena with lyrics
Sunday, September 19, 2010 @ 1:43:00 AM

Friday, September 17, 2010 @ 1:17:00 PM

Old Older Olderrrrr song....^_^

@ 2:59:00 AM
when i was secondary time.. hahahahahah
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahah

李玟 - 每一次想你 [KTV] ktv.playinmel.com
@ 2:56:00 AM

鄭秀文 最後一次 KTV
@ 2:48:00 AM

@ 2:34:00 AM


I still remember.. years ago.. I was so upset.. and.. I hide in a public toilet and cry..
hahaha.. and Huifen all were so worry about me and even call ( HIM) and scold him?!?
Yeah.. Fierce gal! hahaha But really appreaciate hahaa..

Anyway even if i arent happy.. I will be still smiling..
I dun think this is fake but more like dun wana other to worry about me..!
Yeah .. Same same with HUifen aka the Maria.. hahaha

Actually I like being a 水瓶人

@ 2:24:00 AM
Canto version.. I really din know..
seriousli.. i dunno why i love cantonese so much.
But i cant really speak well.. hm =(

海鳴威 你的承諾
@ 2:21:00 AM

Japanese Cooking Recipe: Shrimp Tempura from Lobo (Japanese Food) www.lo...
@ 2:14:00 AM

Life is short but a smile takes barely a second

How to cook tempura Japanese food 天ぷら
@ 2:08:00 AM
Ok. Happen to see this on youtube and I am going to make it real soom..
The way he told out the PRAWN ( Shit) is so skillful...
Is time to do some cooking    q^_^p


Happy for Song 哥
@ 1:42:00 AM
Today was a really really busy day for me..
thinking that making the cream will be easy..
Oh my gosh.. I failed 3 times.. zz_-_-  dam jiat lat my maths..
With the help of covertor.. i was thinking how can it be sia..

I check the measurement
I check this and check that..

Ended up !
is because my house table spoon is much bigger than the usual Table spoon lo.
I waste so much ingredient...
yes, this is really bad .. Sorry..

yep yep.. Outcome was
successful - I mean Finally...
 and bought some for 花竹Friends..

Oh.. Happy for Song 哥 ( the chef)
He managed to pass his IQ test which means..
his permit can be renew..
Yeah!.. 恭喜啦

^^^^ By the way.. today dessert testing is because ..
 I am gona make for Aisha Coming birthday..
Is really simple and hope she will like it.. ^_^
( Not going to show any pictures here .. Later Aisha Stalk Yi ge !!)

This is the FIRST time baking that i Failed so many time..

Seriousily.. I wonder..
is it wat Eudora told me thats affect me?
oh Tian... My Tian..